Dr. Marianne

My Journey of Discovery


Since a young age I was fascinated by human behavior and wanted to become a psychologist. At 22 years old I was graduating with a bachelors degree in psychology but left with a feeling of dissatisfaction. I had a sense that there was another approach to healing but couldn't Google it in 1982! Synchronistically I ended up in an 8 week holistic health course. The light bulb moment occurred when I found out about the Naturopathic profession that seemed to offer new possibilities for deeper and holistic healing. I knew I had found my calling. Addressing the whole person-body, mind and spirit was fundamental to naturopathy's principles and practice and was exactly what resonated with me. 

Before setting off to Naturopathic school I was given a deep acting homeopathic remedy by a chiropractor. Those 'sugar pills'  were amazing! That system of medicine was transformative for me,  actually getting me in touch with joy and a deeper sense of well being, as well as helping  the physical symptoms I was having at the time. I was beginning to understand and experience how homeopathy could powerfully stimulate healing in a real and holistic way. Over my 30 years of practicing as a Naturopath I've used Homeopathy as my primary therapeutic tool because I continually witnessed deep healing on all levels of being with my patients. 

As life would have it my path included a period of hardship and stress, that was not just a gentle frolic through the woods! It was during this time of difficult challenges that some of the greatest gifts arose for deeper healing and self realization. Out of much confusion, duress, hopelessness and exhaustion I was graced by a newly emerging approach to mental/emotional wholeness called Language of Being. I began to be coached, then later trained in the work. Language of Being enabled me to see extraordinary possibilities for my life and situation. It not only transformed my life situation but it helped clarify human behavior in general. This approach has consistently generated new levels of healing in my life and with my patients. 

I believe that each of us are on this planet for a purpose. You have your own unique story, a journey of life with all it's ups and downs. We all share that. I will assist you to consciously engage in this process called life. I can address your physical concerns in the context of understanding their deeper meaning, root causes, hidden gifts and blessings. My personal and professional journey has infused the way I work with people. Through cultivating my own unique path, pursuing my passions and utilizing my own gifts, I strive to assist you to do the same. I am so grateful to offer my services to you.  I love to help people with the powerful tools I've learned along the way and experienced myself, to help you have a life filled with joy, meaning and fulfillment, on all levels...physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. 



Homeopathy can be used in many ways. You can learn acute homeopathy for yourself and your family to address acute illnesses and first aid situations. I have developed a system of Homeopathy which uses it as an evolutionary tool. As human beings we come into the world with certain physical, mental and genetic predispositions. The remedies focus on removing the blocks and impedances we've aquired or have accumulated along the way. The Homeopathic remedies assist you to attain a greater state of wellness on all levels. Combined with another powerful tool, Language of Being coaching, you can gain mastery of your life on all levels of being.

Mind Body Coaching


Dr. Marianne's Mind Body Coaching largely draws from the body of work called Language of Being and offers a unique linguistic structure for using language to generate our lives purposefully. It is a cutting edge genre of work. Learning the basics of the work organizes our thinking and speaking to be more effective in our lives, our relationships and in the diversity of the world around us. Imagine friendships, couples, families, organizations, communities, governments and global relationships based in a language of mutuality and dignity. 

This approach involves simple structures of language that are actually ways of speaking most people are already familiar with; they simply haven’t been fully distinguished where we can see them and work with them effectively. Come join me in an adventure of creating clarity, compassion and connection in an uncertain world!

Service Fee Schedule

Payment plans are available upon request. HSA's are usually accepted. Insurance does not cover Naturopaths in tx